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The Top Decor Trends of 2022, According to Design Pros

Home decor experts reveal their predictions.

Parisian-Inspired Style

“A home design trend that will be popular next year is centered on the modern interpretation of Parisian-inspired designs,” says Kelley Carter, Bloomingdale’s fashion director for home. “This will come to life in our Bloomingdale’s curation through designs in dreamy pastel colors and sleek metallics for a futuristic yet warm and inviting atmosphere. There will also be elements of surrealism, with pieces that can create a glowing effect via the combination of natural light and translucent materials.”

Lime-Washed Walls

“Lime wash has made a resurgence late in 2021, but I foresee it being one of the top trends when it comes to wall finishes,” says interior designer Alvin Wayne. Because this type of wall paint contains lime, as the surface dries, the lime will appear as white, cloudy areas, creating subtle movement rather than a solid color wall. For fans of old-world charm, consider lime-wash for 2022.

The ’90s Are Now

Interior designer Mikel Welch’s prediction for the top home decor trend of 2022? The ’90s are officially back! “We will go back to arch hallway passages, hues of forest green paint, and matte black finishes instead of brass and silver.”

Make It Colorful

“We’re noticing an emerging embracement of ‘maximalism’ and color after years of clients leaning toward neutrals and ‘Scandi’ vibes,” says Velinda Hellen of Velinda Hellen Design. “Even those who love ‘Scandi’ are asking for a pop of bold color within the design.” So long, all-white rooms, 2022 will be the year we decorate with color.

Resort Decor

“In the past year, there’s been a spotlight on outdoor spaces and how we can bring the design reflected inside our homes to this area. In 2022, outdoor living spaces will continue to be top of mind and designed to feel like guests are on vacation and in the resort of their dreams. Formal dinnerware and glassware will come in higher-end materials and complemented by furniture pieces in euphoric colors for an uplifting and elevated outdoor experience,” says Carter.


Another style Wayne predicts you’ll soon see everywhere: “rooms painted in one color from wall to ceiling with the furniture in the same color, different tone.” Forget high-contrast, but consider terra-cotta walls with an earthy clay-colored duvet cover, or a dark green wall with a sage green dresser. Pick a color, then play with subtle variations on the theme.

Light Wood Tones

“Another trend that will surface is the revival of light oak wood,” says Welch. “For the longest time we have been working with hues of gray in flooring and cabinetry, but now things are shifting towards lighter wood tones,” he says. If you’re not planning to redo your floors anytime soon, keep an eye out for furniture pieces in light wood tones instead.

Art Deco Abounds

“There’s a deco quality reappearing in the interior world . . . rounded profiles/shapes, mixed tiles, playful scales, and bold pops of mixed greens and pinks,” says Hellen. Consider incorporating the Art Deco trend through small details, like a decorative mirror or even some fun tiled mugs.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

“COVID has made a mark on our functional needs,” says Hellen. “After years of requests for ‘open space concepts,’ we are finding new value in and a craving for multiple, separate spaces within our homes.” Requests for multifunctional areas, such as a gym that’s also a home office that’s also a guest room are on the rise. In fact, Hellen predicts this may be the biggest decor trend of 2022.