JAC Agents & Staff


Real estate, which Bill has been practicing for the last 27 years, is just the natural outpouring of his desire to preserve and restore communities. James A. Cochrane, Inc is a family business and he’s felt privileged to be able to carry it through to another generation. read more


Alicia Murphy has spent the last 9 years in real estate and joined the Cochrane team back in 2007 as the office manager. Her capability to multi-task and keep things well organized has led to a countless number of smooth transactions over the years. read more


Carl Meister, or Bunny as he’s known amongst friends and colleagues, has been practicing real estate since 1976 with the Cochrane firm’s original founder, James A. Cochrane. read more

Mike’s background is unique in that he came to the real estate business from an education in the Liberal Arts and Philosophy, attaining a master’s degree from the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein. Understanding the different ways human cultures shape building types and define spaces has been a personal interest of his for many years. read more


Lynn Taylor has been in the real estate industry for the past 9 years working on the title insurance side of the transfer transaction. She recently joined the Cochrane team when she was looking to transition to a part-time role. The team has welcomed her and she now works mornings as the administrative assistant in the Kimberton office. read more


Liz joined the Cochrane firm with a professional and educational background in  the preservation of our historic, cultural, and rural land resources. Having worked as an architectural historian and within the real estate development field, Liz has been involved with preserving, restoring, and revitalizing historic buildings, neighborhoods and communities. read more


Susan joined the Cochrane team after taking several years off to raise her family.Her background in the healthcare industry as a sales rep and project manager bring a wealth of knowledge to her career as a real estate agent. Susan grew up in a military family and has moved more than 18 times! read more


Brooke joined the team early 2018 as an assistant office administrator. She recently graduated from Dayspring Christian Academy High School. Since graduating she has spent the past two years traveling and serving in missions around the world. read more