The (Old) Kimberton Train Station: The JAC, Inc. Office

JAC Office

Several years ago we  moved our offices to the historic little village of Kimberton. We’ve had the pleasure of setting up shop in what used to be the train station on the Pickering Valley train line. We meet clients around a large wooden table alongside the original benches that passengers would have sat on waiting for their trains. According to this very informative piece on “Completion of the railroad in the fall of 1871 stimulated a boomlet in little Kimberton. West Chester’s Daily Local News noted it in 1885:”

Probably no little town in the country has grown more in the last ten years than Kimberton. In addition to the store, tavern, mill, blacksmith shop and the few dwellings of former times, there are now a depot, warehouse and a dozen or more fine brick houses. This is what a railroad does for a place. (Daily local News, 27 August 1885.)

1908 Kimberton Train Station


Over the last 150 years the Village of Kimberton still remains a sweet place to visit. You’ll meet all the locals at the Kimberton Whole Foods, an organic foods mecca, that has a coffee shop and small eatery that is full during lunch time. In addition, you can stop at the Station Bistro on your way in for breakfast and the Kimberton Inn, one of the areas best local restaurants, for dinner. (Our office manager, Alicia, recently had her wedding reception at the historic Inn.) Next time you’re in town stop on over and say “hi”.

This article from shares even more details of the town we call home

Slice of Suburbia-Kimberton,PA

*The picture above is from an old postcard from 1908 courtesy of Wikipedia

*Images by Mike Irby Photography