Our Dogs


Bella Cochrane

AKA: “B”, Bell Bell

  • Bella is a 6 month old miniature long haired dachshund
  • We have had her since she was two months old and she has us trained
  • She loves to sleep in the bed, cuddle, watch football, and play with our tabby cat Purrsistance
  • She is a tenacious little girl who enjoys walks on our farm

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Maize Murphy

AKA: Maize Mae, Puppa, Pups

  • She’s a 3 1/2 year old Lhasa Apso
  • When she was adopted she had had a broken front left leg that her owners had done nothing about so that is why she stands a little funny these days
  • She loves “burying” her bones anywhere and everywhere; against a wall, in a blanket, in a chair. She even proceeds to cover it with “dirt”! She’ll rarely eat a milk bone!
  • If you stop by our office Maize will greet you because she’s at our office everyday
  • She’s very friendly with other dogs and people (as long as you aren’t wearing boots, she’s not too fond of those)
  • She loves a good belly rub and sleeping in (she’d sleep until 11 if it was up to her)