Old Lincoln School; “Historic school house with modern addition”

At James A. Cochrane, Inc we come across a variety of unique and beautiful homes and we always feel fortunate when clients give us the opportunity to represent them in the sale of a place that has held a special place in their hearts for so many years. That is exactly the case at 1420 Little Conestoga Road in Glenmoore. The Old Lincoln Schoolhouse, as it is affectionally called, was designed and conceived by sculptor James Fuhrman for his wife Fern Denney. The home’s design embodies the ideas that give life to Fuhrman’s sculptures and installations: 1. A profound consideration of space and people’s experiences within that space, a space of open generosity and welcoming and 2. A dynamic connection to the ‘natural’.
Esteemed art critic Burt Wasserman wrote about Fuhrman in Art Matters, 1999: Fuhrman’s work projects a bold minimalism. “Yes, indeed. Less really is more!” If the great architect Mies Van der Rohe could see what Fuhrman is doing, he would surely nod with understanding and smile with warm appreciation because the sculpture shares a deep kinship with his own creative ethic.
Dance icon Martha Graham wrote: I find the pieces evocative and beautiful; in their space and proportion. 
Fuhrman’s work has been installed at the Berman Museum, Ursinus College, the James Michener Museum, Blair Athol Castle, Scotland, and the University of Pennsylvania; he has completed over 60 works in public spaces in Europe, South America, and the U.S. spanning a 50 year career.


In Fuhrman’s design, the understated Lincoln School facade retains prominence and pride of place on the road façade. The modernist addition with its ‘Positano red stucco’ sits behind the white older structure receding into the wooded lot allowing ‘pride of place’ to the 150 year old building. 
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