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Mother’s Day Activities the Whole Family Will Love

Mother’s Day activities aren’t one-size-fits-all, but there are certain family-friendly activities nearly any mom will appreciate. Whether it’s an all-day scavenger hunt focused on her, a traditional breakfast in bed, or a chance to get outside, mom will appreciate any outing that’s all about her.

Show appreciation for your mom (or grandmother, aunt, wife, partner…) with these totally entertaining Mother’s Day activities. You can expand upon an old family tradition or create a new one—just make sure Mom’s happy, relaxed, and carefree.

Mother’s Day Activities

1. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Give your mom a fun adventure filled with clues that take her to her favorite spots—and a small gift, treat, or experience at each destination. (What mom will say no to a midday massage?)

Even better, have each family member create their own clue, and offer up a message that tells Mom just how special she is.

2. Go for a Shopping Spree

If great style runs in the family, a day of shopping is the perfect way to spend quality time with mom. To make her feel extra pampered this Mother’s Day, take her to some of her favorite stores, like Talbots—and if you’re feeling extra generous, buy an item or two of her choosing.

3. Get Outside

Take advantage of the spring weather and take your celebration outdoors. Head out on a leisurely bike ride, a walk (or hike!) through a park or botanical garden, or a game of frisbee or another favorite sport. Even better? Pack up a moveable feast (don’t forget the rosé), and let her sip and enjoy with the crew.

4. Take Her Out Somewhere

Pick a place you know she’ll love—whether that’s a local museum, the movie theater, the zoo, or a ball game. (Perhaps you can theme her Mother’s Day gift around the excursion, like an umbrella adorned with a favorite piece of artwork from the museum, or a ball cap featuring her favorite team.)

5. Get Your Game On

Whether Mom loves board games, video games, or DIY classics like charades and name that tune, launch a tourney to get everyone in on the fun.

Need some hints? Check out these party game ideas for adults and kids.

6. Create Something

Have a crafty mom? Look for a cool project you can all work on together—whether that’s painting ceramics for a customized new set of mugs or plates, building a birdhouse, or baking a special treat.

7. Start Something Growing

For much of the country, Mother’s Day marks the perfect time of year to get your garden started. After Mom has enjoyed her breakfast in bed, head out to the garden center to find some great things to grow, and put the whole family to work getting the garden in shape.

8. Take a Nap Together

If there’s anything a mom needs, it’s more sleep. Cocoon everyone into your bed, include a few good bedtime stories and some cozy throws to get everyone feeling drowsy, and nod off for a few well-deserved Zzzs. (P.S. If it’s nice outside, a hammock makes a perfect place for a little R&R.)

9. Put Your Family to Work

Let your kids get creative and put together a special event just for her. Splurge on a few fun spa products (think bath bombs, facial masks, a splurge-worthy body cream), and draw the bath for her and let her relax. Or create your own fancy restaurant (let the kids color in a fun menu and set the table), and serve her all of her favorites.

10. Learn Something New Together

With online, on-demand options (and plenty of creative classes near you), you should be able to find something to try together. Maybe master a new dish, learn to make a gorgeous flower arrangement (for mom, of course), or start learning a new language.

11. Stick With the Classics

There’s a reason breakfast in bed is tried and true—what Mom doesn’t love the opportunity to relax in bed while her family whips up a fantastic meal? Don’t forget the flowers and perhaps a new book she’ll want to read while she’s enjoying her omelet or pancakes. (Check out these Mother’s Day breakfast ideas for inspiration.)