Lynn Taylor

“I have worked with the James A. Cochrane Inc. team for several years now while I was doing the title insurance part of the real estate transaction. Watching them work with clients and seeing how they follow them through the entire process of buying and/or selling reinforced that I would enjoy working with them. I’m looking forward to learning “the business” from each of them.”

Lynn Taylor has been in the real estate industry for the past 9 years working on the title insurance side of the transfer transaction. She recently joined the Cochrane team when she was looking to transition to a part-time role. The team has welcomed her and she now works mornings as the administrative assistant in the Kimberton office.

Lynn grew up in the Malvern area where she met and married Jim Taylor.  They began their life together in VA, where Jim was stationed at Fort Lee with the United States Air Force. After completing a tour in Vietnam, Jim returned to college, got his degree and they began their family (Cassie). They then moved to West Virginia and added two more children (Jimmy and Alicia),  a dog and a cat to their growing family. (YES – Alicia is the Cochrane Alicia!)

The Taylors then moved their family to  Texas and then to GUAM! What an adventure they’ve had.  After all those moves they are back home in Chester County where they started.

When she’s not keeping the Cochrane team organized Lynn is spending time with her 4+ grandchildren, who call her Mom-Mom. She’s back to baking, planning real dinners, building Legos, painting bedrooms and finding out what’s in store next for her.