10 Things Organized People Don’t Do

Being a habitually organized person isn’t as hard or overwhelming as it seems. You just need a few minutes every day along with a few guiding principles to help you along. Here are some easy do’s and don’ts for everyday organized living.

Don’t: Dump Your Mail

Don’t dump your mail on the counter when you first walk in the door. It will continue to collect in piles and drive you nuts. Plus, keeping it unorganized also increases the odds that you’ll miss something important.

Do: File and Review Mail by the Door

Find a helpful way to organize your important messages and keep track of things that need action. Try our handy organizer you can DIY to keep your mail from becoming a entryway eyesore.

Do: Recycle Your Junk Mail

Once you’ve seperated the important mail from the junk mail, it’s a good idea to have a recycling bin close by. That way you can sort everything in one quick action.

Don’t: Put Things Away Without a Plan

Try to avoid stuffing your drawers with random things like batteries, pencils, paper clips and other random bits. If you have a junk drawer that’s particularly prone to becoming overstuffed, it’s probably time to find a solution.

Do: Find a Home or a Solution for Things

You can use simple household items like an upcycled egg carton to bring some order to an otherwise chaotic drawer. It’s a really great way to catch all of those little odds and ends that end up cluttering drawers in your office or kitchen.

Don’t: Let Piles Become Problem Areas

That pile of frequently used items on your countertops doesn’t have to become an overgrown eyesore. Things like olive oil, salt and pepper or wooden spoons that get used frequently should stay on the counter but be coralled into a tray or canister.

Do: Add Trays and Canisters

Adding a few trays and canisters to corral your clutter keeps your counters neat and efficient. Remember, you don’t have to hide the things you need in order to stay organized.

Don’t: Try to Keep Counters Clear

Your countertops are the work surfaces of your home and trying to keep them completely clear is impossible. So don’t try to fight or hide the things you need, instead make them orderly and neat. Things like your coffee maker, toaster and everyday utensils can live on the counters without looking like clutter.

Do: Keep Things in Reach

Instead of trying to fight the urge to clear your counters, try to identify the things you use every day. Once you’ve got your essentials, organize them so that they’re in reach and eliminate the things that just take up space.

Don’t: Buy Containers to Organize a Mess

Buying a bunch of containers only takes a mess and wraps it up in a plastic tub. Instead, start with a donation basket and start the process of decluttering.

Do: Find a Spot for Storage

Once you’ve decluttered as much as you can stand, it’s time to find some storage space and a home for everything you’ve kept. Add some shelf labels so your family can stay in an organized routine.

Don’t: Use Random Baskets as a Catchall

Open baskets have a way of attracting a wide variety of easily tossed items. Everything from shoes to sports equipment can find their way into these spots, and it can get out of control quickly.

Do: Add Labels to Baskets

Every storage container should have a singular mission. In order for your family to know the mission of a particular basket, it’s going to need its own label. A fun, inviting label gives any container a purpose and ensures that it’s fulfilling its mission instead of collecting a mess.

Don’t: Stuff Items Into Closed Storage

Don’t try to cram your closed storage to the breaking point. It’s the first symptom of an organization issue that’s likely getting out of control.

Do: Adopt a New Folding Strategy

If you’re dealing with overstuffed storage, try folding your clothes vertically. Now you can see everything, close the door effortlessly and be efficient with your storage space.

Don’t: Make Your Entryway a Dumping Ground

If your entryway is the penultimate catchall for your busy family, you know how out-of-control things can get. If it looks like this, it’s time to make some upgrades to keep things tidy.

Do: Outfit Your Entry for Organized Living

You can easily construct a high-performance entryway by adding a table and some containers to help catch everyday things like keys and sunglasses. Add hooks for coats and bags or some tall baskets to store umbrellas and other common clutter.

Don’t: Have a Haphazard Closet Strategy

You’ll spend more time making a mess of your wardrobe if you just hang your clothes in the first available space. Packing your closet randomly also encourages you to spend unnecessary time hunting for the things you wear frequently.

Do: Keep Your Favorite Clothes Up Front

Make space in your closet to hang your favorite seasonal clothes toward the front. This keeps your favorites in reach and gives you a dedicated place to put them once you’ve finished the laundry.

Don’t: Pack Your Shelves Completely

An overstuffed shelf is not only unorganized but also unsightly. Packed shelves that see lots of use also become falling hazards so it’s never a good idea to stuff a shelf.

Do: Create Some Breathing Room

Curate photos and collections to create an attractive, airy shelf that looks as good as it functions. Give the items on your shelves room to breathe and keep things grouped or neatly stacked.

Don’t: Try to Do it All in a Day

Staying organized is a habit so don’t try to turn the whole house into an orderly masterpiece all in one weekend. Instead block off some time every day to tackle a single organizational challenge. Over the course of time you’ll not only organize your home, but you’ll develop the habits that will help you maintain it.

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